Guilt and Sex

Guilt in the West

In today’s society, there is often confusion about what is and what is not sexually appropriate. In most industrialized nations, sexual repression, which is very common, exists side by side with a consensual hedonism that is without regard to deeper human values. There is a lack of understanding of what is natural and in balance as regards to sex. Continue reading “Guilt and Sex”

Taoist Eight Energy Bodies and Sex

In the process of mapping qi pathways, Taoists made a remarkable discovery—that human beings encompass eight energy bodies. The eight energy bodies are the entire energetic structural framework within which all of us live. For most people the awareness of these bodies is completely unconscious. Continue reading “Taoist Eight Energy Bodies and Sex”

Releasing Sexual Stress

Sadly, many couples in our modern times don’t even have an ordinary sex life because their nervous systems are regularly overloaded.  Uncomfortable in their bodies, tired and anxiety ridden, many people in our age have become disinterested in sex because it requires too much energy.

Without any energy left at the end of the day, many resort to passive entertainment such as TV, Internet and movies instead of directly experiencing life and the opposite sex.

In many pre-industrial societies, tired farmers or physical laborers who had worked a twelve-hour day could still come home and have sex late into the night.  Why was this so?
Although their muscles were tired, their nerves were not. Continue reading “Releasing Sexual Stress”

Taoist Sexual Meditation: Preface

In the early days of television when everything on the tube was black and white, all three of the existing channels completed their programming by midnight. People who watched TV simply enjoyed what they had. Only a rare dreamer would have bothered to imagine what it might be like to see a full-color picture on the small, grainy screen.

And yet here we are, a mere sixty years later, enjoying high-definition color, and round-the-clock programming on a ridiculous number of channels. That much variety, depth and color—even more, in fact—can be brought into your sex life. That‘s the promise contained in this book.

Like so many of my women friends, I’d been led to believe that I should be able to tell a man—even “train” him—how to please me in bed. This purportedly enlightened, liberated approach often left me feeling more like a drill sergeant than a sex kitten. By the age of forty, I was deeply frustrated. I kept thinking, “There has to be more to it than this!” Continue reading “Taoist Sexual Meditation: Preface”

Taoist Sexual Meditation Table of Contents and Intro

I was a nineteen-year-old hotshot martial arts champion. It was the 1960s, and I had managed to get myself introduced to the legendary tai chi, hsing-i and bagua master Wang Shu Jin. Amazingly, he was willing to take me on as a student.

On a hot and humid afternoon, we were sitting together in his living room in Taichung, Taiwan. Bald-headed, big-bellied, with arms and legs like tree-trunks, the old man, speaking in Chinese, proceeded to lay into me. “I can fight better than you. I can eat more than you,” and then, hitting me way below the belt, at least metaphorically, he added, “and I can fuck better than you. There’s more to being strong than youth. It’s all to do with how much qi you have.”

Later, in the middle of sparring practice, Wang took the idea further: “You look like a sexually high-spirited young man,” he said, “but do you really know how to do it?” I didn’t like where the conversation was going. Here was a man in his sixties, carrying three hundred pounds on a 5 foot 8 inch, rotund frame—not the body type you might commonly associate with the buff, macho sexuality paraded about in the West. Who was he to challenge my youthful enthusiasm and what I thought of as natural prowess? Continue reading “Taoist Sexual Meditation Table of Contents and Intro”